Interim Management Support

Occasionally a facility experiences a short term need for a department manager due to a Leave of Absence or as the result of a director separation. Often the existing supervisory and management team can maintain the status quo until the director returns. However, if the vacancy is going to be prolonged, or of an unknown period of time, a short-term interim director to fill the position may be needed.

At dk Foodservice Solutions, LLC we have qualified, experienced Foodservice Directors who can help fill the gap. We are Registered Dietitians with years of experience as Foodservice Directors in acute care and senior living settings. Although the specific scope of service would depend on your needs, our primary focus would be to support the existing staff and services to maintain your current programs.Keeping it together.

Our area of expertise is in department management, system processes and financial control. We do not provide therapeutic clinical nutrition services. If your need is for clinical nutrition support, we can refer you to qualified Consulting Dietitians in the area.

Our mission, at dk Foodservice Solutions, LLC, is to provide a support system for today’s foodservice director that allows for improved financial accountability with a focus on operational performance. We appreciate your need to provide continued support for the foodservice department until your director can assume their responsibilities.



For information regarding Interim Management Support please contact us.